The Teenagers

A downright spunky meditation on a young man’s obsession with Scarlett Johansson, thinly veiled in the title as “Starlett Johansson.” Start/stop guitar bursts interspersed with spoken word factoids about Ms. Johansson make up the verses (the line I’ll find myself dropping as a non-sequiter [accent and delivery included] into future conversations: “I’m scared by spiders too”). The chorus explodes into a synth-pop romp, with Weezer-like hooks. This track is filled with the youthful, giddiness I expect even my old man experiences when he sees his starlett crush on-screen, or on the streets of Barcelona, arm-in-arm with Woody Allen, as he did on a recent overseas trip. Speaking of tripping overseas, this Parisian trio is scheduled to play the U.S. early next year.