Office is to indie pop what Dilbert is to the comic pages. Early live shows featured the band decked out in office attire, suits, ties, blouses and sensible shoes. Each musician enjoyed an onstage secretary, ready at their beck and call. Lucky for the listener, they don’t sing about the drudgery of the 9 to 5 life (with the exception of “Company Calls” about a woman who insists on doing business on her cell phone 24/7 and the man who is in love with her), although they’re still prone to occasionally dress up on stage as if they just punched out. I won’t bother further trying to decipher what these songs are about when singer and guitarist Scott Masson explains them himself. Suffice it to say Masson does an amazing job at recreating a dream in “The Ritz” and his background notes behind “Oh My” are as hilarious as the video. The best part about Office is, of course, their music. Any band who aspires, and succeeds!, to blend the sounds of Neil Diamond and Daft Punk, The Beach Boys and Wire is plenty capable of knocking you out of your own 9 to 5 funk.

Office is now on tour with Earlimart.

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