Jens Lekman

This, people, is the post I have been waiting for. It’s no secret that I love me some Swedes and even less of a secret that I adore what shall heretofore be referred to as “The Gothenburg Sound.” (see: El Perro Del Mar, Love is All, Jose Gonzalez, Detektivbyran…) Above all, though, I love me some Jens Lekman. In the world of “Lisa Likes” regulations, artists should be a little nuts, a little grounded, part innovative freak genius and part renegade throwback revisiter. Jens, for sure, is all of these things. It’s a rare day that the hype aligns with the music. Hype, meet music. Music, meet hype. You two shall surely be friends. On a personal note, Jens Lekman’s music feels connected with my recent personal history and I couldn’t be more happy–it’s wistful, charming, silly, sad, bombastic and, occasionally triumphant. We all need something to listen to for all of these moments. And I’m grateful to Mr. Lekman for making such sounds that match up with more than one of these moments at the same time. Just listen. And try to love. I really want you all to.

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  1. Oh how I love you commenters so…
    The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group was a mighty favorite once upon a time. Perhap with no love of Jim Ruiz, there would have been no love of Jens??
    Good call.

  2. oh how I too love me some Jens. Jens Lekman was the first overty indie-rock, super-brooklyn-hipster show I ever went to. His show was my gateway into a world of good music. And so I will be forever in love with Black Cab and Jens.

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