Staffan Ulmert (aka Mojib) shares a taste in music with many of us here at 3hive. He lists Explosions in the Sky, UNKLE, Sixtoo, and The Avalanches as inspirations. Instead of blah, blah, blahgging about about these artists however, Ulmert settles down in front of his computer in Gothenburg, Sweden, and composes his own music and remixes some of his favorite artists (check out his remix of Ian Brown and his UNKLE / Notwist mashup). No new formula here: solid hip-hop beats, pop melodies, strings, pianos, and samples galore (what’s that main riff in “Break of Dawn”??? It’s driving me nuts. Sigur Rós? Radiohead?) Mojib provides plenty of teaser tracks on his website, but the litmus test, his first proper full-length (Whimsical Lifestyle) drops next month on Canada’s Non-Existent Recordings.

15 Replies to “Mojib”

  1. The main sample on Break Of Dawn is Sigur Ros' Starflur, I believe. Also featured is Jon Brion's work for the Eternal Sunshine OST and M83. Thanks for posting this. This is the first time I have heard of him and love it.

  2. hmmm, that melody on "break of dawn" does sound familiar. kinda reminds me of the piano in "pulk/pull revolving doors." not sure, though.
    thanks for sharing, as always.

  3. Mojib music is awesome, such a talented guy.
    you should definately check out Class of '00 lp or mojib vs unkle mix on his website
    I can't wait for Whimsical Lifestyle to be released 😀

  4. argh!!! the sample is annoying me now…thought it was The Farm at first but don't think so now. It does sample Jon Brion from Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind late in the track.

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