Eugene Francis Jnr.

He’s an imaginative lad, this Eugene Francis Jnr. One need look no further than the video for his group’s first single “Poor Me” for proof — kinda like Gulliver’s Travels as told by Michel Gondry. It won’t surprise you that homeboy’s got some hippie roots. He’s the son of Eskimo and Apache Indian parents who lived in Wales, if you’re to believe his bio. They provided him with a diverse musical upbringing that ultimately led him to pursue music himself. He started out solo, but soon recruited a small army of fellow Welsh musicians to create a “harmonious, beatnik supergroup” (his words, not mine). This democratic approach makes for really nice, lush instrumentation to buoy his humble voice. Think ’90s XTC, Syd Barrett, or Lost in the Trees. Eugene was kind enough to provide us with this dreamy little number, the other A-side of the double A-side single “Poor Me”/”Kites” — available on iTunes (U.S. only for the moment).

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