My dear friend Seth rarely pushes anything on me. He believes strongly in free will and all that jazz. He might occasionally make a gentle suggestion that I might enjoy a book, or ask me if I’ve heard of a band (knowing that I will lie and say yes and then immediately run to my computer and discover who they are). But he never pushes. (Except for his very favorite book, Winters Tale by Mark Helprin, which he pushes on everyone, but no one ever reads.) So, in rare form, Seth pressed on, asking me again and again if I had listened to the Headlights song. Lesson? When Seth makes an enthusiastic recommendation, a girl should listen. In any case, I’d say more about the music, but I’ll have to let the music speak for itself as I am walking out the door to go meet fellow ‘Hiver Joe for the very first time!


3 Replies to “Headlights”

  1. It is now your duty to similarly push this magnificent piece of pop on everyone else with ears! Good luck and God speed.

  2. Oh, I was hoping you'd feature these guys soon! I saw them in Provo opening for Page France and they were fantastic! I boughtthe album post haste and it was similarly glorious. Seriously, so many rocking tunes.

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