Via Audio

I so don’t want to repeat the stories of: “this-indie-rock-star-found-the-band” and “this-cool-producer-dude-recorded-their-album.” Sure, they helped Via Audio gain some traction and a bit of attention, but the story’s a year old and it’ll continue to be regurgitated in the future as the music media re-hash the band’s one sheet (not always a bad idea—sometimes it’s late and you just want to be in bed and you can’t think of anything to write about a really cool band and whew! the publicist wrote something decent you can borrow…). OK, here’s what you’re in for: sweet boy/girl vocals over a relentless tempo, some nice fuzzy guitar tones, sparkling tones for the chorus, then a big rockin’ bridge into chorus with echoing vocoder. Repeat chorus. Oh thank you Via Audio for repeating the chorus again and again. It drives me wild. RIYL: mature electro-gum pop by goofy/cute, thrift-shopping Brooklyn quartets.

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