Laurie Anderson

It’s rare for a label to offer up a free track from their catalog, from one of their bread and butter albums, the albums that pay their bills year after year (not that Laurie Anderson is bringing in barrels of cash for WMG…). Even more rare is finding Laurie Anderson, the iconoclastic musician-artist-instrument maker (the tape-bow violin), revisiting her older projects. “Let X=X” can be found on her 1982 album Big Science, an early mainstream electronic album. The lyrics are wonderfully disjointed, seemingly found sentences, notes and conversations woven together with swelling synths, handclaps and doubled vocoder vocals. I believe this re-issue will be the first of several from Anderson’s catalog. Take advantage! If your music collection is void of Laurie Anderson start filling that void today and expand your education in American electronic artists.

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  1. Maybe it’s a cross-promotional thing. Among the lyrics in “Let X=X”:
    “It’s a sky blue sky.”
    I’ve been figuring all along that Wilco got this from Anderson; this is either weirdly coincidental or a sly nod.
    Cool song, in any case. Cool album too.

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