Willy Mason

I’ll avoid comparisons to Bright Eyes when talking about Willy Mason, though words and phrases like “melancholic,” “soulful yet seemingly bored,” “roots rock Americana” and “barely old enough to shave” could possibly apply to both. Willy Mason is about 22 but he sounds like he could be 55, with the history to back it up, based on his repertoire of personal disasters, as heard in “When the River Moves On.” Nothing necessarily new here: life at home sucks, so is it time to hold on or time to go? But the song is delivered with such smooth motion that you roll on along with it. Look for more of the same on Mason’s second full-length, If the Ocean Gets Rough, available now.


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  1. I just downloaded this and it IS really good. A little raw in some parts, but it made me feel as if I were actually listening to someone playing some music.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. A beautiful live version of pickup truck, recorded in April at Aboveground Records here on Martha’s Vineyard, is one of the tracks on a compilation CD of local artists to raise money to start a new community radio station here. To get one, visit us at myspace.com/wvvy or wvvy.org or look for it on http://www.grandmasbasement.com

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