Dinosaur Jr.

After a couple years of playing live shows together, the original Dinosaur Jr. — J, Lou, Murph — went into the studio and freakin’ took it back to the old school. Beyond is everything I loved about the original Dino Jr. It’s a noisy collection of reluctantly romantic rock and roll, both hopeless and hopeful, air guitar worthy and turn-out-the-lights-and-sulk worthy. Plus, look at the cover, a throwback to their Homestead/SST releases. It’s just like heaven.

Original post (from 12/10/2005):
As may have already been documented at some point on 3hive, Sean, Clay, and I met as college students. But ours was a college town with no college radio (unless you count 24/7 classical music and church sermons as college radio). So Sean decided one day to start a college radio station, with a more typical college radio format, and enlisted his friends — me and Clay among them — in the cause. To this day, there are songs I can’t hear without being taken back to that tiny booth with the temperamental cart machine and wobbly microphone. While my love for Dinosaur Jr. certainly pre- and post-dates those days, I can’t hear “Freak Scene” without feeling the impulse to punch out the two F words and back sell it with, “That was Dinosaur Jr. on AM960, The Student Underground Network…” Old habits die hard.


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  1. How cool to hear this old number again. It put a big nostalgic smile on my face, taking me right back to the days when I was trying to make music, but our band just ended up doing all drugs and not much rock 'n roll. To this day, the phrase "freak scene" remains an integral part of my vocabulary. I have this album on vinyl, but as my record player's so fucked, I don't listen to it much. So thanks for putting this here.

  2. No other audio cassette that I still hang onto even comes close to transporting me to a certain time and mood like Bug.
    The new stuff sounds great. I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years…

  3. Wow, that brings back memories. I remember my first campus tour as a young Southern girl, looking for my own Athens, GA type station only to find out our student station was classical. Then I found Student Review and AM960. Thanks guys for still sharing great music so many years later.

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