A few years ago, I had this great Creative Writing class, with Ross and Tommy and a bunch of other kids. They did some of the best work I’ve seen yet, and I loved them. It was good. For his final project, Tommy brought in a doll’s head, decapitated and with the top of the skull — which had been shorn off — held on tight with a large square silver hinge. Inside, of course, were “Poems and Prose from a Deranged Boy’s Head.” Fantastic. Awesome. I keep that project in a cabinet, and now and again take it out to freak out my classes. Anyway, Tommy was a big, big fan of Rasputina, and though I couldn’t get into the heavy, theatrical cello-based chamber rock at the time, I’m just loving “Cage in a Cave” off of the upcoming Oh Perilous World, to be released in late June. Maybe it’s the Pitcairn Island theme, maybe it’s the pop-rock vibe; either way, I’m ready to talk to Tommy again about Rasputina, and see what kind of crazy things he’s up to.


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