Alex Delivery

Alex Delivery is comprised of members from former Eastern Bloc nations and Korea, so the harsh realities of totalitarian communism aren’t just a trendy design concept to them (even if they all met in art school), it’s a way of life. You can tell on Komad, which starts like the cast of Stomp lost one of their own and decided to throw him a New Orleans-style funeral march. Then, it keeps going… It’s borderline infuriating if you’re not in the right mindset for 10 minutes of dissonance, but if you allow yourself to get into Alex Delivery’s dystopian groove, you might just stomp along with them.

3 Replies to “Alex Delivery”

  1. this is one of those tracks, where i can already hear myself saying to a friend, "OK, it starts off a little slow — and i didn't like it myself at first — but if you wait until about the five minute mark …"
    good song. it's like if the swell maps and the walkmen got together for a christmas album.

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