The Blow

It’s been a little bleak here on Wednesdays, and I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks — but hopefully you will all enjoy today’s musical selection and forgive the midweek blackout of late. The Blow, consisting of Khaela Maricich & Jona Bechtolt from Portland, OR, have been carrying me through a busy time. The music is rife with slick modern beats, but there is a super pop, super earnest candy center. Throughout the album there are many, many references to how hard it is for girls and boys to come together and I admit (with a blush and an eyeroll) that when Khaela sings “really you just injured my pride” I had a moment where I was like “um, did I write this song???” As usual, file under: better late than never.

Pile of Gold [MP3, 2.9MB, 160kbps]

Sam’s original post: 01/10/05
I was going to wait for Valentine’s Day to post this, but couldn’t because I’ve been waiting long enough as it is. The Blow is one unassuming Khaela Maricich whose catalog of come-ons is sultry, clever, and disarming enough to lure even the most reluctant players to bed. When I say players, I don’t mean Fabolous or Jermaine Dupri. I mean the mysterious outsiders, the John Cusacks of the world. To some such player, Khaela sings, “I’d love to make you nervous/I’d love to make you sweat/I’d love to make you breakfast the morning after…” How you gonna say no to that? And if you do, would you be pal and pass her number along?

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  1. hey that second song is i think supposed to be ‘jet ski accidents.’ would you be able to post that one instead?

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