Martin Sexton

School of Rock was on cable over the weekend, right about the time I started listening to Martin Sexton’s new album Seeds, and I couldn’t help but make a comparison. Powerful, funky soul-pop instead of face-melting rock, a band of adults (presumably) instead of Dewey’s / Ned’s 10 year olds — well, maybe that which draws Martin Sexton and Jack Black together in my mind is simply a similar physical appearance. Oh yeah, and total sincerity in expressing the joy of music. The five tracks below, from five different albums, are awesomely and gloriously full of Sexton’s soul, and you can take that line any way you want.

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  1. Very nice stuff. The one thing you didn't mention that's good about his vocal is that there's moments in his phrasing that's very "JackBlackian." I'll have to find out if they grew up in the same part of the states.
    Nice find.

  2. I stumbled upon this… was googling Martin after just catching his Boston show. It was my 7th or 8th time seeing him – been a fan for a decade. I’d gotten Seeds ahead of time and thought the songs were ok… now, having seen him perform some of them, I know they’re fan-tas-tic just like the rest of his music. =)

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