The Acorn

Look, I’ve got a house to clean but I still wanted to share The Acorn today. So, how’s this: if you’re inspired by what you hear, write your own post and add it to the comments section. I’ll send my favorite guest poster(s) a 3hive prize pack. Cool? Okay, now, where’d I leave the Swiffer…

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  1. Spring Thaw is nice and jangly, all chords and cymbals bouncing brightly, but there’s a touch of autumn in its mood as a counterbalance lest you think that summer will last forever. Brokered Heart, on the other hand, is a bit more straightforward in its presentation, with lots of note plucking and stripped production. The hand claps are a nice touch, odd for a ballad but working here. Good for listening to on a Saturday afternoon while cleaning.

  2. After listening to ‘Spring Thaw’ I feel like painting a sapient tree a fabulous colour (probably tope, because…well, you know). I would then, naturally, have to ask for its permission to take a photo. The right thing to do.
    God bless 3hive

  3. In Manila, it’s rarely ever quiet. The rumbling of the cars, tricycles and jeepneys break whatever silence there may be hanging in the thick grey air. On Sundays however, the usual idyllic weather overrides whatever hustle and bustle found on the streets and takes over the house

  4. It’s really difficult to place music into single genres nowadays. Bands like The Acorn, like doin’ the whole multi-genre thing and it’s excellent. They blend the best of experimental folk with a dash of electronic and it makes for a unique sound that unlike a lot of other folk music makes you want to dance.
    Plus with a band name like “The Acorn” you have to get props.

  5. I can’t help but listen to that jaunty little ditty and get irked that the weather isn’t following suit and making with Spring Fever. Instead of daisy explosions and merry woodland friends I have to do battle with gale force winds and trudge through arctic chill (or the southern equivalent at least). In Lousiana you get nine months of blistering summer and three months of scathing winter, but it’s nice to have my headphones set on spring.

  6. "The Acorn is new to me as of yesterday, but I can't stop listening to them. This is likely because they totally rule. A more likely reason is that they totally rock. The most likely reason is that they are totally awesome. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? I hope so. They really remind me of plus/minus with less electronic elements and can go from delicate acoustic to long winters-esque indie power-pop as quick as you can say Bob's your uncle. Say it. I dare you."

  7. From the smallest acorn a mighty oak will grow. The Acorns music follows this saying. With each listen the more and more I like The Acorn. Each time you listen the more they grow on you. They want you to go outside and plant a tree.
    The Acorn – I dig them.

  8. I’ve been listening to these two tracks ever since this post was made. That’s two tracks, probably five times a day for twenty-five days. I really like these songs. Really.
    That being said, I managed to find the rest of their 6-song ep and it really doesn’t impress. This makes me very sad. I eagerly await any new material from them in the hopes that they continue in this vein.

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