Menomena is one of those bands who are truly making music for the sake of making music. These are not the songs that rock stars and groping groupies are made of. Unless you’re living in an alternate universe maybe. Menomena compose slightly skewed music and on their new album, Friend or Foe, it frequently sounds like a meeting of Morphine and XTC. It’s easy to get lost in Menomena’s world as you explore the album artwork, beautifully illustrated by cartoonist and graphic novelist, Craig Thompson, a weird, dense mix of flesh and blood, life and death, animals and machines. To dig in deeper, aurally and visually, pop open the ecard. It’s not an easy listen, nor will it be easily forgotten.

9 Replies to “Menomena”

  1. Amazing.
    I've been a long time menomena fan and a semi-long time 3hive reader, and I have eagerly anticipated this matchup. Good times.

  2. I had the recent pleaure to see these guys live with lable mates The Long Winters in Boston. Unfortunately, they were only able to play for 15 mins due to time constraints of the showcase format, but that 15 mins floored me. This music, amazingly, transaltes very well to a live show.
    I am the fun blame monster is fantastic as well as their other release, under 60 minutes.
    I just received an e-mail from Barsuk, saying that my pre-order for Friend or Foe has been sent… I just have to wait for that long journey from sea to shining sea.

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