Tom Rothrock

An album named after the instrument it fetishizes, Resonator (a wood-bodied guitar with a single metal coned center often called by the brand name DOBRO) is producer Tom Rothrock’s first album as a recording artist. You’ll immediately recognize the Resonator’s bluesy soul sound as the backbone of many of Beck’s early songs. You old-timers and blues enthusiasts may scoff at pop music’s grope at authenticity, re-discovering the guitar some fifty years after its heyday. You cannot, however, chide Rothrock’s passion for the instrument. This instrumental work resonates with respect and reverence. He adds hip-hop beats, live drums and strings to the equation for a cinematic mood and scope. Fitting, considering it was Michael Mann’s urging Rothrock to compose the score for Mann’s film Collateral, that set the prolific producer to work on his own compositions. Getting your hands on the entire album may prove problematic as it’s been limited to a one-time pressing of 1,203 hand-numbered copies. Not to fear, it’s just the first in a series of instrumental albums planned by Mr. Rothrock, released via his newly re-launched Bong Load Records.

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  1. Funny – I’ve had one of his songs from Collateral on my computer forever and I love it. Maybe I should look into him.

  2. I hadn’t finished reading your commentary before listening to the song. And about a minute through it I thought, “Why does this song remind me of ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins?’, like it should be in a Michael Mann film?”

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