Hello Saferide

Remember a few weeks ago when I gave you some music that my pal Lisa had recommended? Well, she’s done some more spot-on MP3 hunting, and rather than give my own take on it, let’s hear directly from the woman herself. Take it away, Lisa…

Everyone loves love. We really do. We love us some love. And because there simply aren’t enough misanthropic recluses out there who can’t find other humans to care for their sorry selves, there is a truckload of songs made to feel how we feel. And that’s great. Really. It’s great. That said, it was breath-of-fresh-air time when I finally to listened to Hello Saferide – a guitar-playing Swede who’s a little nutty, a little neurotic, totally self-conscious and, OMG, she’s not even a little bit afraid to be such a girl.

Hello Saferide wishes her ex-lover the very worst on Valentine’s Day, she hopes you keep your socks on in bed because, well, she’s still scared of feet, and she knows that “somebody” ordered too many drinks last night and “somebody” reckoned that dancin’ on the bars was all right. Yep she’s a total mess, but she delivers her personal brand of nuttiness with such quirk, flare and snark that I’m right there with her. It’s nice to hear someone feeling how SHE feels, not how she thinks the rest of us will. And somehow, underneath all of that idiosyncrasy and Hello Saferide-ness, it’s all totally relatable.


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  1. Welcome Lisa! Nice post!
    Do you know that line from Joyce's 'Ulysses,' "Love loves to love love"? I think Jonathan Safran Foer ripped that off in 'Everything is Illuminated,' along with some other stuff from that book. Anyway, nice to read you.

  2. omg.
    numberone: ace choice. i gave a listen, and i now have a new addition to this year’s vaguely-christmas playlist!
    numbertwo: not that the guys on here haven’t been holding it down just fine and not to get all girl-powery, but i love love LOVE the fact that there’s now a female voice added to the 3hive line-up. 🙂 looking forward to more great picks from you miss lisa.

  3. I completely agree, instead of trying to make her lyrics deep and artistic, she expresses exactly whatever she feels, which is something many of us can relate to.
    Thank you so much for all the music here, I am highly impressed- this is by far one of the best music blogs I’ve ever seen.

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