Tahiti 80

Since 3hive’s own Sam lived in Tahiti for a short time and speaks French, I almost feel like I’m stealing a Sam band, a la this entry from Sam last week, since Tahiti 80 are a Parisian quartet named after a t-shirt that singer Xavier Boyer’s dad got from a Tahitian trip. Sam and I both fell for Tahiti 80’s lovely pop masterpiece “Heartbeat” from their 2000 album Puzzle, and the band’s gift for wistful, delightful pop has grown and matured with their new release Fosbury. A Tahitian Treat indeed!

1. For our non-US readers, Tahitian Treat is a fruit punch flavored soft drink. Mmmmmm.
2. Pardon the kinda crappy 96 kbps Changes MP3 made available to us. So be sure to grab the recently added “Here Comes” VBR MP3. Thanks Min!


5 Replies to “Tahiti 80”

  1. I thought that what you linked to with Changes was pretty good and decided to try finding Heartbeat like you suggested. Man, that is an infectious ditty bop.
    You can see the video on their site.

  2. Hey Clay, don’t forget, Sam speaks Tahitian too. Doesn’t “faa’aa’a” mean “your mama smells like fermented fish,” or something like that?

  3. I checked out Heartbeats… quite nice indeed.
    As for Changes (the remix), what album is that on? I can't seem to locate it.

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