Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground

The first minute of “Hey Mamma” pays major homage to the Beatles of a certain era you can probably guess by looking at the photo. After the first minute, as Hunter S. Thompson might say, it gets a little strange. But strange is good, and Kay Kay manages to toss around strings, percussion, and even what sounds like a player piano to spritely effect. The songs on the band’s MySpace page are equally confounding yet somehow appealing to the ears. Kay Kay will be coughing up a cassette-only EP soon, so pick it up and, hop in your 10-year-old Subaru and crank it until you can’t hear the engine noise.


3 Replies to “Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground”

  1. This was on songs: illinois a few weeks ago… now I'll feel like a double whore for posting it on my own blog. 😛 Ah well, 'tis a great song.

  2. Heard you guys on Carson and I couldn't resist. You're music brings out the happiness I once felt in my life. Absolutely amazing. I can't help but smile. I love you guys. I was just wondering how do download your songs cuz I can't find them. Please let me know?! Thank you for sharing yourselves with the world. Take Care and God Bless!

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