Another example of our diabolical scheme here at the ‘hive. Wait for every other site in the world to talk about a band, then we swoop in, iconoclastically late. Is the Voxtrot party still on? You bet it is. And there’s still plenty of time to sport Voxtrot merch and not look sooooo 2005. The Austin-based band warns there won’t be a proper album for a while. So they do what any respectable band should, keep teasing their fans with EPs. “Trouble” is one third of their next installment of American-bred, Britishy smart-pop that holds up remarkably well under all the buzz.

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6 Replies to “Voxtrot”

  1. I went to their concert at the great american music hall and it was soooooooo good. I'd definitely recommend seeing them live. Magic Bullets played there and were really talented as well, someone should post them on 3hive here…

  2. it's never too late for voxtrot. they put on a great show, and their music is dreamstolgic. this post makes me happy.

  3. Voxtrot are ace… I only noticed they were over here in the UK once they'd finished all their dates. Typical. Hoping they come back soon… in support of a full blown album!

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