The Inner Banks

I’ve never been to the Inner Banks…or the Outer Banks, for that matter. In fact I’ve never been to North Carolina. But I’ve wanted to go for a long time. And, I’ll be hogtied if this Brooklynite composer David Gould (The Bootleg Remedy) and his partner/wife/vocalist Caroline Schutz (Folksongs for the Afterlife) don’t make me want to go to North Carolina even more than ever before. Something about these songs — they’re warm, resolute, timeless, pretty — and how they mirror what I imagine North Carolina will be like. Who knows? Maybe I’ll hate it there. But I doubt that. So I guess I know what I need to do (book a flight). And I guess you know what you need to do (listen to The Inner Banks). Their self-titled debut comes out in December 2006.

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  1. it's grand here (north carolina). just make sure you either go to the mountains or the sea – or both – and avoid the bits in between.

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