The Baldwin Brothers

It’s late. I’m beat. I’m starting to hallucinate: flashing slices of pepperoni…But I want everyone to have a fresh, hot cup o’ music first thing on a Sunday morning. The new Baldwin Brothers album is appropriately titled The Return of the Golden Rhodes because as you’ll hear, just about every song has T.J. Widner ripping on his “main ax,” the Rhodes keyboard. Most of the tracks groove along like Starsky & Hutch, Welcome Back Kotter, or Sesame Street, except for the closer “The Party’s Over” which turns down the Rhodes and gets all Moody Blues on us. Mark Lanegan provides the moody vocals. The track does stop the party in its tracks, and frankly isn’t representive of the rest of the album. Even “Leave the Past Behind” fails to keep pace with the rest of the album’s block rocking funk. What’s a boy to do? Those are the tracks we get to work with. Sharers can’t be choosers. Just make a note, if you like the tracks from their EP, know that most of the new album is similar rug-cutting material.

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