Katell Keineg

It’s not a beautiful day in Michigan, with wind, cold rain and lightning, so there’s plenty of time to tell the Katell Keineg story. Daughter of a Breton poet and Welsh schoolteacher and current resident of Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio), Keineg received heavy-duty critical and music industry acclaim in the 1990s. Elektra released two of her albums, she was close friends with the late Jeff Buckley, and she worked with Iggy Pop and Natalie Merchant (not at the same time). Since then she’s put out albums on indie labels Field Recording Co. and Megaphone Music, been adored by Rolling Stone and The New York Times, and built a following for her live performances. Jennifer S. from L.A. — who suggested Katell Keineg back in June — was pretty stoked to see her live, and if the two tracks available here for download are a sign of what she heard, it must have been a unique experience. “Beautiful Day” couldn’t be much farther away from the experimental sounds of “Pablo Quilla’s Dream” unless it was amped-up metal instead of the sing-along, calypso-esque piece of happiness it is. So yeah, time to set “Beautiful Day” on repeat, close the blinds and pretend that’s what it really is outside.


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