The Black Neon

I have to admit I’ve been squatting on this one for a while. Leaving a blank post in ol’ Movable Type just to keep my 3hive colleagues from posting The Black Neon before I do. But blank posts aren’t a very effective way of sharing the sharing, so here goes… The Black Neon’s first full-length is called Arts and Crafts. It’s a regular appetizer tray of styles, as evidenced by these two tracks — one a nostalgic psych-pop ballad, the other a searing electro-rock instrumental. And there’s even more goodness if you dig deeper on the album, which I’d love to play for you in its entirety but that’s your job now, isn’t it?

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  1. These guys came in and bought bagels from me a few months ago when they were playin' in my town. I'd never heard of them but now I guess I'll have to give 'em a listen because they got plugged on 3hive!

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