Eliot Lipp

Tacoma, Washington. Home of the underappreciated, yet thoroughly ruling punk band Seaweed. At one point I think I had eight Seaweed t-shirts. One of them had the band’s logo on the front, and in large, capital letters “VISUALIZE TACOMA.” I’ve never been to Tacoma, but from what I hear there’s nothing special to visualize. Then there’s Eliot Lipp. His two latest releases were recorded in L.A. while he had Tacoma on the brain. So what did he do? AURALIZE TACOMA. The soulful grooves on Tacoma Mockingbird, and the new Days EP, grew from his moods and emotions while reflecting back on his hometown and friends. His output is a simple, yet simmering synth stew of well-worn breakbeats with Lipp’s retro, yet timeless, twist. His goal was to create a classic electro sound which he pulled off with his economic use of synths and beats. Think New Order pitched down to Grandmaster Five’s tempo, and drop in a lick of their rhythm.

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Originally posted 05/10/05:
One of my favorite labels, Scott Herren’s Eastern Developments, recently made MP3s available on their site. Well, actually just one MP3. In fact, it’s a remix, not even an original track. Hey, you know how the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers (although around here we prefer “sharers” over beggars…). This remix brightens up Eliot Lipp’s usual dusty, hip-hop groove. Track down Lipp’s full-length for twelve underground, soulful rhythms sans rhymes.
Neutral (Leo123 Remix) [MP3, 4.6MB, 160kbps]

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