Mighty Six Ninety

I must be losing it. I swear I’ve posted about Mighty Six Ninety before, but I can’t find any trace of them on the site. Feeling in a particularly ’80s mood today? Then queue up some John Hughes on Netflix and get Mighty Six Ninety rockin’ on the hi-fi. Mighty Six Ninety, an L.A. five-piece, is named after the great San Diego AM station—a Top 40 channel that dabbled early on in New Wave and post-Punk. This Mighty Six Ninety would make its namesake proud. Check the New Order bassline in “Northern Border,” and the soaring vocals complete with ’80s Alphaville-esque affectation. “Leave This World” reassembles a Freuer guitar riff and runs it head on into a more shimmering moment of The Cure. Throw in a bit of attitude from The Smiths and Ultravox synths and you’d think you’re listening to a cassette recording of Richard Blade’s show twenty years ago. Fittingly, they’re making their first waves in the UK, with two singles already under their belt.

Mighty Six Ninety usher in Summer tonight at Spaceland.


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  1. Hi Sean
    I don’t check 3hive daily, but it’s a rough day at work and i had sometime to kill. Great “pick-me-up” music for the afternoon.
    joe’s wife

  2. i don’t think you -are- losing your mind, after all. i could have sworn i discovered devin davis on 3hive, but now i can’t find a trace of him on here.
    i’m convinced someone is eating all the good bands.

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