We like to keep this main column on 3hive filled exclusively with brand, spanking new posts. But in this case we’ll make an exception. You see, Psapp (pronounced “sap,” fyi) was one of the very first posts to this site and we’ve carefully followed their progress. Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann, aka Psapp, are consistently one of 3hive’s most popular artists due, in large part, to Grey’s Anatomy fans searching for their song “Cosy in the Rocket.” The good folks at Domino have released THREE new MP3s, two from the new album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted, and one, “Wet Box,” which is a vinyl only b-side on their UK release. “Wet Box” is a more playful song, along the lines of their first Melodic tracks, filled with “anything that’s silly and uses stupid noises” (the band’s words). The album tracks work in Galia’s sultry vocals, for a feel that snuggles right up to “Cosy in the Rocket.” So get downloading, because you never know how long these links will last, and hit their e-card for details on their upcoming North American tour dates with Juana Molina and José González.

Hi [MP3, 3.6MB, 128kbps]
Tricycle [MP3, 2.6MB, 128kbps]
Wet Box [MP3, 2.8MB, 128kbps]

Original post: 02/23/04
Sounding like the best eclectic electronic comp since 2002’s Six Records Breaks Your Heart Again. The first track, “Difficult,” is from that comp, Tracks for Horses. The second track, “Dad’s Breakdown,” isn’t as strong, but fun nonetheless. They’re super lo-fi MP3s, Melodic’s definitely not showing much of their hand, but damn, can they pick ’em! Check out labelmate Pedro as well…

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  1. Folks I work with PSAPP. The song you are looking for from Nip/Tuk was originally quoted as ‘Cosy in the rocket’ the song that was in fact used was “In my Head”, and will be available on itunes in the next 2 weeks. The track is not on the leaf album.

  2. yo the name of the song is actually is "in my head" -psapp and apparently it's out on itunes but im rather having some difficulty if someone could give me a direct link to place where i could download it i would appreciate it 🙂

  3. Hey…have you all found anything out about the “Cozy in the Rocket” song by Psapp? Apparantly, it is now being used as the theme song for Grey’s Anatomy and I would love to find it.

  4. I just went to itunes and downloaded the “in my head” song….it is NOT the one you hear on the shows opening. If anyone knows the correct name of the song or where to find it, it would be appreciated!

  5. just go on and put in “grey’s anatomy theme” and it’ll bring it up. it comes up as psapp – always in my head

  6. Also, that song that comes up in Limewire is “always in my head” I know what you are going to say…
    It actually is “always in my head” not “cosy in the rocket”.

  7. This song “always in my head”, its not the same one thats played on Greys anatomy, can some give me the right song please! thanks

  8. the song on Grey's Anatomy is definitely Cosy In The Rocket (check here:… can't find any listing for where it's available so i'm assuming it is not yet available. rest assured there will be a Grey's Anatomy soundtrack and this will be on it… it will likely be on the next Psapp release as well but no info to be found on that yet. the link for the music page on their site is not working.

  9. I have been hearing this song everyday around 12:00p.m. on 93.9fm, I love it more everytime I hear it.
    I also love Grey's Anatomy, and they play it on the show every episode. I can't wait for CD.

  10. Does anyone know when the 'cosy in the rocket' song will be available on itunes? i love it and especially love greys anatomy…. thanks!

  11. Absolutely dying for the PSAPP song – whe someone figures out the name and a place to download – please post for all. thanks!!!

  12. to DM:
    thank you so muuch!! how did you find the song, i have been trying to find it and was quite unsuccessful…
    anyway – thanks again.

  13. The theme song to Grey's Anatomy is by Psapp called "Cozy in the Rocket" on their album called "Ben & The Bad Seeds". If you want it, IM me at LLmaypingLL and I will try to get it to you.

  14. Hey, I went to the viciously demonic site and I can’t figure out how to download this kick ass song??? What’s the secret guys????

  15. I became obsessed with The Postal Service after the commercials for Grey's Anatomy, having only liked them a little beforehand, and now the show has turned me onto Psapp. Yay!

  16. could u please tell me the name of a song from episode 9 that goes "i'm going walking my dog…" that's all i got from it, could you please help me out.

  17. whats that song on grey’s anatomy soundtrack that keep repeating “i’m sorry…so sorry” ?
    im me at sima2113 if u know

  18. I believe that song is "They" by Jem. So gorgeous, everything by Jem is. Simple search on altavista music will get you it.

  19. Oh, happy day! Thank you so much to the lovely person who posted that download link to ‘Cosy In The Rocket’, by Psapp. That’s just delicious! I’ve downloaded it and am enjoying it right now.
    Thanks for making my day! ; )

  20. hey
    yeah im after that song that was on greys anatomy too, something about "walking my dog"?
    it was on the ep where they he got syphillis??
    if you know what its called id be so happy

  21. I think the only place where you can find PSAPP "Cosy in the Rocket" is on the Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack. I don't think they've released an album with the song on it.

  22. Wow, I've been looking for the Grey's Anatomy theme song for ages! Thanks you lot unknowingly helped me. Thanks a lot!

  23. i neeeeed that cosy in the rocket song. i hav clicked on every link u guys posted but none of them work. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssssseeee someone heeeeeeelp me. im desperate

  24. Yes, does anyone have Cosy in the Rocket? The link is gone and the Greys Anatomy soundtrack is not available in Oz. Please!

  25. psapp is ridiculously fun.
    the first time i heard psapp, i did a double-take, scoured the internet for more songs, took several days to regain my senses, and then bought their cd.

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