Bing Ji Ling

Let’s start the weekend off right with two fine examples of this new Bay Area Soul that’s been brewing up North for sometime. First, it’s Bing Ji Ling. Loosely translated it means “ice cream” in Chinese. Not many east Asian influences in his music, but sweet and creamy grooves abound. His record, Doodle Loot Doot Doodle A Doo, has been out a couple years now and he’s been busy in the meantime. He’s remixed the likes of Quannum’s Curumin and Blackalicious and has collaborated with Darondo and Tommy Guerrero. Bing Ji Ling is 100% party music and he’ll get you going like it’s 2099. Watch for a new album this year, and catch him live to enjoy tasty ice-cream treats courtesy of his hot-bodied entourage.

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