Twitchy time signatures, fiercely intricate drum patterns, dualing guitars, and speak/shouting about things not quite right in the world…just what you’ve come to expect from Dischord. Only it’s from Athens, GA’s Hello Sir Records. The band’s called Cinemechanica. I don’t want to say they’re a breath of fresh air…more like a swift punch to the gut that knocks the wind out of you and pauses life for a second and THEN is followed by a breath of fresh air that fills your lungs that makes you choke and sputter but glad to be breathing again.

As an aside, Cinemechanica’s dummer Mike (he of the fiercely intricate rhythms) sent me and I’m sure a number of other bloggers an email from the road back in early April stating honestly and openly that he loves the record they just put out called Martial Arts and he knows it won’t be the next big indie hipster phenomenon but it’s everything he hoped it would be and if I’d just listen to it and give feedback good or bad he’d feel validated because, at the time, no one seemed to be paying much attention and they were touring and working their butts off to get the word out and he was running out of ideas. I’m paraphrasing because it was a well written email and I don’t want any other bands out there who might have the same sentiment to bite his lines. So there, Mike, is your feedback: good email, even better music.

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  1. Wow. Normally when I see music listed as "Punk" I tend to turn the other way and run. From my experience, it's normally plagued by screaming and really uninteresting music.
    I'm so happy that I didn't read the genre listed here, but instead was caught by the words "intricate drum patterns" and downloaded it immediately.
    Excellent couple tracks. Definitely worth looking into.
    Thanks again!

  2. listened to it before, listening to it now. definitely gets better with more listening! i like this band.

  3. The first impression I get is wow, they sure are trying and I got to hear that again. Only 4 more listens and I’m completely hooked from beginning to end. These guys are the current torch carriers for incredibly intricate and dense cerebral music. Sounds like they studied all the best aspects of At the Drive-in, and rust belt math rock of the 90’s to current instrumental greats here in Chicago and multiplied it. Great instrumentals and passionate yelling instead of just trying to sound evil.

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