Grizzly Bear

Sorry for stepping into my own head a little to describe Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear, but it occurred to me that the pop-ish noise at which they excel is the polar opposite of the explosions you hear coming from Parts & Labor, another Brooklyn band (borough represent, yo). Where P&L is controlled chaos at light speed, GB is a molasses meltdown. “Don’t Ask” has a subtle hint of the Dream Academy’s “Life in a Northern Town,” and the rest is pretty noise made with pretty instruments. Also check out their Gentle Ben-esque website and listen to “Deep Sea Diver,” which, ahem, isn’t available as an MP3 download…yet.

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  1. I don't get why people are into Grizzly Bear. It's so self indulgent and shoegazerey. Maybe I just don't do enough hippie drugs.
    Yes, a couple of the guys are cute, but that's about the only thing to recommend their live shows.
    I just think the lead singer/songwriter is very good at self promotion.

  2. Oh, what I just wrote doesn't apply to the Final Fantasy remix (which I just listened to for the first time, thanks). That's actually rather good (though it still just sort of wanders rather than goes anywhere — but at least the wander is more interesting on the remix).
    Maybe Ed just needs a strong collaborator.

  3. i am one of the grizzly bear fans that enjoy the horn of plenty remixes better than horn of plenty. i have yet to figure out if that is a bad sign or if it is indicative of the brilliance of grizzly bear's songs – that they are so solid at their core that they can hold up to whatever manipulation and toying is bestowed upon them. anyone else have an opinion about this?

  4. mike jones, i think it's a really good thing. it helps support my idea that the album is really pretty awesome you can get to those song cores after a couple listens and youll be hooked. im glad that they did the remixes, and some of them are seriously great. but yeah i think it just shows how great horn of plenty is. or it helps support that idea rather. because i think you can see it without the remixes as well, obviously.

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