In a perfect world I’d be able to feed you free music everyday, all day. Toilet and lunch breaks included, please. It just seems like I’m always playing catch up. Like the old saying goes, so much [great] free music, so little time. My other wish I have today is that my three children will grow up and form a power trio that cranks out music like the Envelopes: sugar-hyped jangly guitars, boy/girl vocals brimming with pop-tude and lots and lots of hooks. Kick me, hurt me, make me write bad checks, make me listen to that song ONE MORE TIME! And by the way, I have an extra copy of this CD (I tried to share with my compadres in 3hive, but they slept on the offer) for a random commenter who correctly divines the order and gender (girl, girl, girl? boy, boy, boy?) of my future power trio. Hit them comments! Good luck on ya.


22 Replies to “Envelopes”

  1. Hmmm. Finding the right balance is so important in power trios, especially futuristic ones. I would say that your three would be, in order of birth:
    Girl, Boy, Boy.

  2. I’m sure the line-up would be:
    boy – guitar, vocals
    girl – keyboards, vocals
    boy – bass, aditional vocals

  3. because I am tired of seeing girl, boy , boy bands- yeah yeah yeahs, the subways, helicopter helicopter etc. I would hope for girl girl boy!
    best of luck with all of it brozeph, gonna be a ton of work any way you slice it!!

  4. We have winners! That's right…two winners because I had TWO extras. Mike from Florida was winner #1, chosen randomly from the correct guesses: Indeed the order of appearance of the power trio is: boy girl boy. Oliver from Berlin was the next winner, drawn at random from all the entries.
    More freebies soon!

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