The Helio Sequence

So we just got schooled by one of our fine readers. Brittany P. wrote in with a “Currently Listening To” list of 45 bands. Everyone from The Books to Slowdive to Galaxie 500 to Boards of Canada. Then at the very end of the list was this little note: “I’m surprised none of these bands are on 3hive.” Everyone should know that we often surprise ourselves with what we haven’t featured on 3hive. It’s those surprises that keep us doing what we do. And I believe a reminder of what we do is in order: we only feature MP3s that are provided by the artists or their labels. We made that decision early on and it’s helped to differentiate us from the crazy amounts of audioblogs out there. There are a ton of bands we’d love to feature, like the ones mentioned above, but they don’t have free and legal MP3s available. That said, Brittany’s list is highly useful as I’m sure she includes more obvious oversights on our part. Like The Helio Sequence. So listen, enjoy their space-gazing sound, and if you live in the western part of the United States, be sure you see them on tour. And keep those suggestions coming!

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  1. Hooray! I've known these guys for about 5 years or so and they're both amazing musicians. Glad to see them up here at 3hive!

  2. My pod! has a list of roughly 357 artists I'm currently listening to!!!
    So there.
    Oh wait a tic, most of these are 3hive artist. You're filling my gigs, guys.

  3. hey, if its not a big thing to do for you guys but is it possible to list where the artist is from like near the label or something thanks

  4. I've only just got around to visting this site after seeing is pasted everywhere else. Just checked out the 2 tracks from these guys and loving their stuff, time to get the album me thinks. Thanks

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