DJ Wally

Maybe I always felt a kinship to DJ Wally because his ferret is (was?) named Sam, too. More importantly, Keef DeStefano, as his parents named him, holds a place in my heart because of the role he’s played in the soundtrack of my life. See, in the mid- to late-’90s, Keef was a double threat — as DJ Wally, he’d record abstract beatscapes with a hip-hop undertow; as Pish Posh, he’d fire off rounds of infectious Big Apple drum ‘n’ bass. So I could turn to him to bring me up or chill me out. And I did. Often. These days, DJ Wally’s writing a new chapter in his discography, making music for TV shows and producing/DJing for NY rappers Proximity Minds (check Wally’s MySpace page for an audio taste). For those who haven’t had the pleasure of making his aquaintance, I introduce you to a man and his ferret…

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