For some reason I really enjoy beating Clay to the punch. Not even sure why. But I know he’s gonna be bummed he didn’t find this one first, because he really likes The Unicorns. And Islands consists of two members of The Unicorns, Nick and J’aime, after what sounds like an ugly break-up. They crossed paths in Los Angeles on the set of Woody Allen’s “Melinda and Melinda” as walk-ons in the same scene. Fate, and mutual pity, brought the two closer together when both their parts were cut from the film (side note: OK, I’ve always wanted to be an extra in a Woody Allen film—Juliet Taylor if you’re reading this and Woody ever has a bit part for a thumbless guy, call me—and I’d be hating it too if I got that close!). We feel your pain and love the result: more crisp, clean pop from Montreal. Thanks to Filter for digging up the MP3.

4 Replies to “Islands”

  1. Ah! Finally! I was wondering when you'd get 'round to introducing islands. Nice to see a new track other than the two that have been circulating; 'Flesh' and the Unicorns song 'Abominable Snow'… Cheers again!

  2. Hmmm, how should I respond to Sean?
    I could say, "You're gonna get what's coming to you one day, Seanboy!"
    Or I could say, "I love it when Sean finds bands that he thinks I would like, giving life to the 3hive creed: Sharing the sharing."

  3. Thumbless? Huh. I knew a Benedictine Catholic monk who was a professor at the university I went to years ago who was thumbless. I still smile at his story of a young EMT tending to his hand after a minor cut during a skiing accident nearly passing out when she thought all the blood and the missing thumb meant the thunb was still in the glove (it wasn't, long gone years prior). Poor girl stood there daintily shaking the glove trying to get the thumb to come out.

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