The Duke Spirit

We’ve been on something of a pop kick the last few days, so I thought it’s about time to bring the ear-ringing rock. Speaking of tinnitus, my ears have been going at it 24/7 for like the last month. Too much loud music obviously. There’s been a lot of talk about the link between iPods and hearing loss (duh), but I listen to my iPod in the car primarily. Still, I listen way too loud. It’s like hot sauce or chocolate. Can’t get enough. More, more, more. Gotta have it loud. The Duke Spirit certainly won’t be helping the situation anytime soon. These Brits bring it! They’re loud even at a volume level of two. And when Leila sings “I need those eyes and I need those bones” on Flood-produced “Win Your Love,” well, love hasn’t rung in my ears like this since PJ Harvey told me to look at her child-bearing hips and ruby red ruby lips.
ecard w/ video

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  1. how come you guys gets anything you post to sound so sexy and tempting. I get eargasms just reading the stuff. And yeah, you usually fulfill the promises. Thanx for good writing and posting

  2. Haha, I agree wholeheartedly. I basically get all my music suggestions from this site now, which begs the question of where you guys find out about this stuff.

  3. The 3hivers gather music from three main sources: 1) Our own online scouring; 2) Tips from the artist or labels; 3) Tips from our readers. We weed through it all with the hope of finding the rose among thorns (to butcher and mix tired metaphors).
    See we were doing all this anyway, so we thought we'd put it all into one place. And here we are. Glad you guys are liking the tunes! And thanks for saying so.

  4. I'd run across 3hive a few times over the past year just by googling band names, but now it's become regular read for me. I just wish I would have read your Figurines review before their SXSW show. I tried to catch them at on saturday at the Long Branch Inn but damnit I got there as they were breaking down their equipment. I hope they come back to austin some day soon.
    Anyways thanks for the reviews.

  5. These guys remind me of that swedish band, Salt, from the mid 90's, but a little rougher. They were always a little PJ Harveyish. I still listen to their first record, "Ascultate."

  6. Ahhhh, The Duke Spirit! Easily my fave find from last year. Just saw them in my hometown a few weeks ago (on tour w/ Ted Leo) — they were perfection.

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