Full-circle moment happening for me here. I believe I’ve mentioned before that XTC’s 7″ of “Ten Feet Tall” was the first record I ever bought. I remember hearing the B-side, “Helicopter” on this old AM San Diego station called Mighty 690. I wore the grooves out on that thing listening to it non-stop on my parent’s stereo console that looked a lot like this. Needless to say, XTC played a huge part in my musical coming of age. And this new track, “Spiral,” (a bonus download to accompany the band’s Apple Box Set, released last year) is an unabashed homage to the narcotic effect of listening to one’s favorite songs — pure, pardon the pun, ecstacy. All this is a clumsy way to say that my love affair with music blossomed with XTC and this song is a fitting soundtrack to where that relationship has lead to. Right here. 3hive.


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  1. Thanks for catching the typo Del–it is in fact “Spiral.” And the download has been available for a few months now–and is one of two bonus downloads you receive when you buy the new Apple Box set.

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