Theatrical like Rufus Wainwright, musically nimble like Calexico, Eastern European like my grandparents — that’s what we’re talking about with DeVotchKa. (And again with the name confusion… is it Devotchka or DeVotchKa? Filter says one, the SF Bay Guardian says the other, I say whatever.) Aram and Megan both suggested this band of Denver Gypsies (are they really Romani?) with crazy instrumentation and rollicking melodies, and I say wspanialy! Imagine the theme music for a Belgrade barfight in a Bond movie directed by people with too many consonants in their names, and the band on the stage, the one hiding behind the ripped and stained maroon curtains, is DeVotchKa.

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  1. thank you! i've loved this group ever since i heard their song ("how it ends" – which is amazing but rather different from their usual style) on the "everything is illuminated" trailer, but no one else has ever heard of them – hopefully this will help. great choice!

  2. Devotchka is the Russian word for, essentially, "little girl." There are no capitalizations in the middle of the name. It's just Devotchka, I think.
    Either way, great band, glad you like it.

  3. I know, Aram. It's just that there isn't a consistency of capitalization on the band's website. It looks like they use the cap. V + K most of the time when they refer to themselves.

  4. And this leads us inexorably to the hammer and tongs and anvil and hubcaps and fireplace tools and pig iron of Gogol Bordello's gypsy punk. Dude, at the show? There was a female performer who crowdsurfed on a bass drum WHILE SHE WAS PLAYING IT.

  5. I also was immediately hooked by “How It Ends” the first time I heard it. I was lucky enough to catch Devotchka live in Buffalo this past Oct. when they were touring with the Dresden Dolls. One of the best shows I’ve seen in quit a while; between acts, they had a Cirque-de-Soleil-esque sideshow going on as well! Best twenty bucks I ever spent.

  6. Great! that songs are beautiful. You can listen "how it ends" in the very excellent movie "little miss sunshine" which won the best original scenario and the best actor in a second role at the oscar yesterday!

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