Tender Trap

Apologies to you, dear 3hive reader, for slacking on the job. Tender Trap, an ecletic pop band whose members have been in too many great indie bands from the past to name them all so I’ll just say Amelia Fletcher is the heavenly voice behind Heavenly, and their label Matinee Recordings have dispatched with the free MP3s. No more sharing the sharing. Well, they used to share MP3s with us, but here I was, sitting on Tender Trap, just biding my time, thinking I had all the time in the world until, alas, I was too late. Or so I thought. Thanks to Spain’s Elefant Records, the driving electro synth pop of “Face of ’73” can be shared with the world, albeit in crappy 80kbps, for which I also apologize. Just think of it as really good AM radio.


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