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I’ve been dying to post Matt Costa. And he recently put up one of my favorite songs from his album, “Cold December,” a song that sounds as great in July as it does in, well, December. So just in time for the holidays… Now in the past couple years I’ve watched Matt go from playing my radio show, local clubs in and around L.A., and a small showcase at SXSW to huge ampitheater shows opening for Jack Johnson. No matter the size of the crowd Matt makes fans because A) he can play, B) he’s cuter than 90% of the men in this world which — surprise! — helps with the ladies, and C) he’s got the songs. Mark my words, you’ll be seeing and hearing plenty from Mr. Costa in the zero six. So start now and get used to it.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Matt for a few months now. He stuff is just fantastic…if you get a chance try to track down his self titled ep for the song “TV Gods” on it

  2. Seriously – I live and breathe music – I am always hearing new and old sounds that make me shiver with excitement – But lately.. Its all been a bit fake – a bit kind of – well, this will do cos theres nothing else – BUT…Matt Costa is amazingly talented..I saw him on the new Jack Johnson dvd – I am amazed – Donovan serves as a major influence – which shows in the vocal styles on a few songs – The guy is all about the acousticness and passion/feel.. And all round – this guy is playing GREAT music!! pity the fool who shuns the guy!! they will be sorry.
    Oh and while I am here – Check out my music – I am unsigned – but popular! make you own mind up!!
    Matt Schobs aka Yearbook

  3. i love matt costa. i’ve seen him more than a dozen times live, and he just keeps on getting better and better. his music is so good he deserves to be famous. Matt rocks.

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