Early Man

Those of you already familiar with Early Man, “two Pentacostalists from Columbus,” might find it strange to hear them called “quaint.” But that’s what comes to my mind when when listening to the monster, and unapologetically analog, riffs blaring out of these digital speakers. The song names could have come from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, or early Metallica records, and so could the angry guitar and manic drums. The whole thing takes me back to those Halcyon days when my skater friend got me off the Depeche Mode with an interventionist helping of Ride the Lightning. In fact, Early Man are so earnest about their music that listening to them really is infectious, even if they’re telling me to die a slow, horrible death.


4 Replies to “Early Man”

  1. You have to see the video. Matador made a bid on Ebay for the opportunity to sponsor a crash-up derby car in Iowa or something…flew the art director out to decorate the car and it is featured in the Death is the Answer video…what is more rock and roll than devestating automotive destruction?

  2. Holy crap. Black Sabbath, and Ozzy’s got a punk edge? That was my thought on death is the answer. Evil is reminded me of the good old days of Metallica. Ya know, before they cut rheir hair and focused on their anger. Instead of their pure kick ass-ness.

  3. Brilliant, this is so much fun. Christ alive I haven't grinned this much since watching Metallica; Some Kind of Monster. And the grinning there was for a totally different reason (dear god why?). Now I'm just happy.

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