Jason Anderson

Regular readers of 3hive know that, as silly as it sounds, we sometimes have problems figuring out the names of the bands we profile. Case in point: Is it Jason Anderson or Wolf Colonel? Greg says, “Who cares?” (Someone will, I’m sure, as I’m sure we’ll hear about it. For the record, I think it was the former and is now the latter.) He — Greg, that is — suggested Jason Anderson, and I’m okay with that, because the plaintive folk-pop of “O, Jac!” pairs nicely with the Michigan’s snowy forecast. Thanks, G!


5 Replies to “Jason Anderson”

  1. Thanks, been waiting for this plug since you posted The Blow way back when.
    Jason Anderson's "Jet Ski Accidents" is incredible, and The Blow's version of that song is definitely swoon-worthy.
    It's too bad K Recs took down a lot of their free mp3s, seems like it was the best way to get more people hearing all the great music on that label.

  2. All i can say is that whoever suggested this Jason Anderson guy must be brilliant. So smart in fact, that i’ve concluded that he should take this guy “joe”‘s spot in the 3hive cast. I have a feeling that this guy’s a genius, and that he’s going places.

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