We consistently receive excellent music tips from our readers and, when we do, small battles usually break out behind the scenes as the six of us stake our claim. Joe beat me to The Spectacular Fantastic but hasn’t posted it up yet. Squatter! As I was sniffing around I discovered a solo project from one of the members of The Spectacular Fantastic, Jonathan Williams, who records under the name Tessitura. Fans of the Elephant 6 collective and those who like a bit of psychedelia with their pop would enjoy a track or two from Tessitura. His bio puts it as blunt as possible: “Tessitura….just a guy writing and recording some songs of his own,” and, the bio fails to mention, “giving them away.” Look, anyone with songs like this floating around in their head would be doing the world a great disservice if they didn’t commit them to tape or ones and zeroes. The fact he’s giving them all away is pure bonus.


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