Right near the top of my list of “Reasons to Love Postal Service” is that they disposed of the pedantic audiophilia that torments many a knob-twister and opted for the red-blooded choice: to make songs. Climber have taken notice. The Portland, Oregon group holed themselves up for two years to refine a sound steeped in the boutique ambience of post-electronica pop and informed by the rainy-day-every-day melancholy of Radiohead (the similarities are almost too close…almost) and the aforementioned Seattle side project. Officially, these tracks are demos. Sonically, they’re a blissful walk down a bittersweet path.

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  1. Looks like you guys gave them bandwidth problems, as their site is currently down. Pity, 'cause I thought their music was pretty cool.

  2. I love this band, so many downloads have caused the site to implode, sort of. if you haven't seen them live, please drop everything and come to SF to see them this month. they are, next to my own band, my very favorites. all the guys are incredibly gifted and humble, you can't help but rank them in your top 5. awesome stuff! hope they perform at noisepop 2006.

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