The Go! Team

The Go! Team cook up an infectious blend of double-dutch hip hop, horns-a-blazing cop show themes, and raw garage pop. But you probably already knew that. These MP3s are from their 2003 Junior Kickstart EP, which had yet to incorporate the pep squad vocals. But you probably already know that, too. However, unless you’re responsible for one of the 548 plays tallied on MySpace as I write this, you probably haven’t yet heard The Go! Team vs. Kevin Shields, which takes the yummy bits of “Ladyflash” and “Huddle Formation” and puts the proverbial cherry on top. Say G-O…T-E-A-M!

8 Replies to “The Go! Team”

  1. I like it. Maybe because for me it harkens back to the days of G-Force and such. I mean, come on! There's brass in there! Who can't use a good trumpet solo?

  2. love this band. so many different genres of music all fused together to create such a rich sound… cannot get enough of them – wicked live shows also…

  3. I think I was the biggest Go Team! fan around until I saw them put on a terrible show at Intonation. I really haven't been able to listen to them since.

  4. It's the cheese factor. It's a like a 70's TV theme or the music to an action shot in a 70's porn movie. Yeah, repeating 70's but that's what it paints for me. Can't help but love it.

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