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Anyone remember the movie Judgment Night? Yeah, me neither. The soundtrack’s a different story. It paired up Sonic Youth with Cypress Hill, Dinosaur Jr. with Del the Funky Homosapien, and Teenage Fan Club with De La Soul. Two great genres that go great together: indie rock and hip hop.

The album’s really burned in my mind however because back when the album hit I’d just been promoted to Music Director at a commercial alternative station, and a young, eager radio promotion rep at Epic Records, Stu Bergen (hi Stu!), attempted to cut his aggressive promo teeth by yelling at me for an hour demanding my station report Epic’s “single” in heavy rotation or something. Back then playlist reporting was all theoretical because there was no way for anyone to tell exactly how many times a radio station played a song, but Stu was out to impress his higher-ups, and impress them he must have ’cause he’s been breaking bands, taking names, and running promotion departments for Island Def Jam and Columbia Records (and here I sit blogging away…). I don’t even remember the fate of that Judgment Night track, but I do remember Stu and I breaking bread at Smith And Wollensky’s, A Steakhouse to End All Arguments. And end them it did. Stu and I have been pals ever since.

Now that I’ve bored many of you to tears, and awakened a raging midnight snacking, back to Clearlake: between this remix by Nobody and the recent remix of Against Me! by Mouse On Mars, I sense another remix trend bubbling among the indie rock world. I’m sure there’s plenty more out there. Use the comments to let us know about your recent favorites.

And yes, I realize I’ve said absolutely nothing about Clearlake. More demo tracks from their forthcoming album are available here.

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  1. Judgement Night was a terrible, terrible film, but the soundtrack was inspired. The Mudhoney & Sir Mix-a-Lot track (Freak Momma) was one of my most played for months.
    Bit disappointed with the Helmet / House of Pain offering (Just Another Victim) – in contrast to most other tracks on the CD, they seemed to record 2 halves of different songs and just cobble them together on a remote mixing desk somewhere – shame as, at the time, they were two of my favourite bands.
    The FNM / Boo-Yaa TRIBE 'Another Body Murdered' was predictably a classic, and STILL gets played in clubs around London (particularly Camden).

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