Cat Power

Cat Power’s been napping. By the time her new album, The Greatest (not a greatest hits record — boy I’m sure her label friends will tire quickly of repeating that mantra), hits stores in January three years will have passed since her last album. Not bad really. The space between her last albums lasted about four years. I should cut her some slack. The wait is always worth it. This time around she taps the Memphis soul scene for her backing musicians, with, among others, Al Green’s boys, Teenie Hodges (who co-wrote “Take Me to the River” with Green) on guitar, and Leroy “Flick” Hodges on bass. Judging from the small sample offered, Chan Marshall may be on her way to creating a timeless work of art.

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  1. absolute genius…thought i might agree with david to start but luckily i had the patience to listen again & again…try it david, you might like it!

  2. Agree with Tom. This is a phenomenal song–beautiful and lush– much better than anything I've ever heard from her before! Can hardly wait to hear the rest of it if this is any indication.

  3. Just discovered Cat Power courtesy of a French magazine called "Optimum", then found out that my 26-yr-old son ADORES her!
    Unique gravitas, devastating poise, haunting melodies, killer lyrics… Nothing missing. The only thing I've heard in a long time that can compare to Tom Mcrae, Tindersticks, Nick Drake and the Master of the Universe, the one and only Lennie Cohen… But how come so few decent singers come out of the States these days? Bristol, Dublin, Leeds are all light years ahead of the US of A, which is just busy churning out the same MTV commercial pap… Grow up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this only confirms my love for one of the most amazing singer songwriters ever. Her sound is as a lush as a midnight bayou in the middle of a humid summer's night.

  5. Just found and listened to "Greatest" about fourteen times today…just when I thought there was nothing but crap being produced. This is perhaps her best work yet.
    Can't wait to pop the vinyl on when it's released. I'll be at the Berkelee Performance Center in late february to watch her turn her shyness into pure genius as she did at the Somerville theatre a few years back. Although I do sense a Rollings Stones cover photo in the very near future…

  6. I've listened to this CD until it's nearly melted. The first time I listened to it, I was initially put off by the HIGH production values, compared to the sparseness and simplicity of her previous albums, but by the end it had become one of my favourites. The second to last song was worth the price of the album. It is definitely the best album to use to introduce your friends to Cat Power.

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