Dropkick Murphys

For those of you who find Flogging Molly too restrained, melodic or musically talented, here’s Dropkick Murphys. Full-on Celtic punk rock, yelling and brogue and steel-toed boots, it’s all here with the Murphys. Their version of “The Auld Triangle” is what I always thought the Red Roses for Me out-take of the same song by the Pogues would sound like, I guess. But “The Warriors Code” is for true believers (and is just way too cheesy for me).


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  1. Haha first Flogging Molly, then Dropkick Murphys! Way to go Joe!
    The similiarities to the two bands are certainly apparent, and whoever I met who liked Flogging Molly almost always brought up Dropkick Muphys. I personally prefer FM to DM because of Flogging Molly's better blend of Irish and rock throughout the riffs instead of Dropkick's more stagnant use of Irish instruments in a song and more of the focus on punk. Dropkick Murphys lead singer also is more of a screamer too.
    That being said, Dropkick Murphys still have some great songs and I feel if I was introduced to DM and then FM, I would have a better apprciation for Dropkick Murphys.

  2. Well, Interesting, I actually said in the post that "The Wariors Code" is too cheesy for me. I wouldn't have put up the band if I thought everything they did sucks.

  3. lol you guys think al barr is a screamer that is sad you have obviously never heard actual screamo music. Once you hear that you may change you definition of what screaming is.

  4. anyony have an idea who the blonde female is? She goes on tour with DM but is not an official member…she also stars in "Sunshine Highway" video with her husband…I met her in Vegas but forgot her name…help??!!

  5. Stephanie Dougherty is a blond who tours with DKM. She is featured on the "Dirty Glass" and sing one line at the end of "Shitfaced", both on Blackout disc. She fronts a band that backed up DKM on current tour; can't remember their name. They bring her out for the duet on Dirty Glass

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