The Hard Lessons

Bay City, Michigan, like other famous bay cities — San Francisco especially comes to mind — can be a rocking fun town, as I found out this weekend at my wife’s BC Central High Class of 1990 15-year reunion weekend. From the Bell Bar (and its lack of a ventilation system) to the tiki lounge-inspired bar where the reunion was held (I forget what it was called), the class of ’90 rejoiced in each other’s company, for the most part, and the spouses of some of the grads did the same (at our own tables, set apart from the natives). Rick and I talked a lot of music, particularly about our fondness for local acts — hence, The Hard Lessons. Recent winners of a ‘Best Band in Detroit’ contest, these guys and girl rip through tracks like “Milk and Sugar” with a nice big gas-guzzling D-town sound. Hope you like ’em, Rick, and nice meeting you.

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