xbxrx are, if I may quote the words of the American commander replying to a German demand for his surrender at Bastogne in WWII, simply “Nuts.” Think of Le Tigre, but rather than being quirky and political, xbxrx are just crazy. I mean that in the kindest, most complimentary way. And continuing the previous comparison, rather than having pop-punk-electronic leanings, xbxrx love the rock ‘n’ roll and let everyone know it.


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  1. actually General McAuliffe said "Fuck You!" in response to the request to surrender. "Nuts" was the version printed in newspapers and used in the movie…

  2. Can you state your source please?
    Mine is Stephen E. Ambrose, Citizen Soldiers, p.224, referencing Hugh Ambrose's interview with Helmuth Henke, the German lieutenant who was handed Gen. Anthony McAuliffe's reply:
    "Henke finally had a chance to read McAuliffe's response. It said, 'Nuts.'
    He looked at his American escort, Col. Joseph Harper. 'Nuts?' he asked in disbelief.
    'It means, "Go to hell," ' Harper replied."
    But no, I'm not saying that xbxrx is "go to hell!"

  3. I wonder if the disagreement is about what McAuliffe said versus what he wrote. "Nuts!" is the agreed-upon response he gave to the Germans in writing, and then it had to be explained to them 'cause they didn't get it. This has nothing to do with newspapers or anything else external to the war.
    I was wondering if that wasn't his spoken response, though, and he said the expletive instead. However, eyewitness accounts (and Wikipedia) tend to agree with "Nuts!" as the spoken response as well.

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